Into the Dark

  • Into the Dark

Into the Dark


Book two of the Into the Mists Trilogy.

A best friend. A forever love. A promise.
A betrayal. An ultimatum. A choice…

Product Description

Book two of the Into the Mists Trilogy.

In the second book of the gripping Into the Mists Trilogy, a new relationship with her grandmother is opening Carlie’s soul to the energy and power of the earth. A new friend is opening her mind to the magic and potential within her. And a new love is opening her heart to the sweetest enchantment of all. Yet betrayal hovers around her, and she will face an ultimatum, a sacrifice and a cruel choice that might just break her.

Will Carlie find the courage to go into the darkness of her own heart and seek the wisdom and strength she needs to survive, or will the tragedies and the pain of her life break her into a million little pieces?

“Book two is much darker in content, but it also portrays the sweetness of love, and the power and fascination of the magical that is so often unacknowledged in our world. It’s a compelling novel that haunted my dreams while I was reading it, and lingered in my mind long after I’d finished it. This is very powerful writing, and very real – and also very haunting, which I believe is the mark of a good novel…”
Felicity Pulman, author of the Janna Chronicles and I, Morgana

“Serene Conneeley’s magical and very intoxicating new novel Into the Dark has me under its spell – I relish every shiver Carlie’s descent into darkness is giving me. Into the Mists was wonderful, but this is another level, a huge leap. I LOVED this book – it ended way too soon!”
Lucy Cavendish, author of Spellbound and White Magic

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Dimensions 20 x 13 x 2.5 cm


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