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Eric Pearl explains a powerful new healing method.

Five-year-old Brian had cerebral palsy. He walked on his toes because his heels wouldn’t reach the ground, and to get up stairs he had to crawl on all fours. For balance and to stand up he had to lean on people or on the furniture.
But after half an hour with Dr Eric Pearl he walked across the room like any healthy five year old, then stunned his parents by racing up and down a flight of stairs, on two feet, perfectly straight, without even having to hold the railing.
His mum and dad, both prominent medical professionals, had heard about Eric’s amazing yet unorthodox healing successes, and after seeing the miracle results for themselves, both did his seminars to learn how to heal in the same way.
‘This is not therapy, it’s not symptom related, it’s not a treatment, and you don’t need to come back on a regular basis,’ Eric says of Reconnective Healing. ‘This is different to any other healing technique. And it’s demonstrated itself consistently, repeatedly, in the laboratories of science internationally.’
Ten years ago Eric, then a successful LA chiropractor, began to notice his patients were receiving unusual healings when he placed his hands near them. A man who had not been able to walk properly stood tall for the first time ever. A cancer patient stunned doctors when her tumour disappeared. Chronic Fatigue disappeared practically overnight. AIDS-related illnesses were cured. He didn’t know why or how, and he’s still not 100 per cent sure, but ever since the healings have continued and he has been the subject of extensive scientific research which has documented medical evidence that his Reconnective Healing does work, and is a measurable thing.
‘Believe me, I used to be the last person to believe in this,’ he grins. ‘I grew up, I went to school, I became a doctor, I had a practice. I wasn’t raised thinking you waved your hands in the air around people and healings would take place. I didn’t go to tarot readers or wear moon earrings or read about spirituality. I went to church on the weekends or holidays. So this was quite a surprise! I wasn’t planning on my palms bleeding and blistering and people seeing angels. That wasn’t my goal.’
But after initial doubts, the incredible healings he has witnessed and been part of encouraged him to continue. And he has slowly learnt more about the healing frequencies he has been gifted with and what he is capable of.
‘When the healings started people asked me to teach it, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t know what I was doing or how it worked. And for several years, six days a week, 10 hours a day, I was in my office, seeing one person at a time. I thought that was the gift and that was what I was supposed to be doing.
‘I didn’t recognise that the real gift of Reconnective Healing is that once somebody interacts with me this same ability develops in them. That anyone is able to do this with just a little bit of teaching to show them how to recognise the energies and work with them.
‘If there’s one thing I want to make clear, it’s that this is not about one person who lives in the US being a special healer. The gift of this is that once you interact with the energies, you’ll be able to use them as well as I can. You’ll be able to do what I’m able to do, and possibly more.’
Reconnective Healing is hard to explain in a single article. Eric has written a book, The Reconnection, which talks about how he came upon these new skills, what it is and what it means, with case studies and exercises to activate the energy in you.
‘This is new,’ he explains. ‘It’s not something someone’s grandfather did in the early 1900s. It’s not something someone in India did 6000 years ago. Scientists are saying that it is new frequencies of energy – but it’s beyond energy – and possibly an entirely new bandwidth.’
Trying to understand how it works might be aided by a knowledge of quantum physics, but you don’t need to know anything to realise that it does work. Thousands of people around the world who have been healed are eager to offer testimonials, and science labs have officially documented its effects.
Last year when Eric was in Australia to conduct his seminars one of the current affairs shows tried to prove him a fake, surprising him during the interview with a sceptical 85-year-old woman with terrible rheumatoid arthritis, whose hands were so swollen she couldn’t close them or move her fingers more than about 10 degrees towards her palm, the other hand less.
‘I did the session, and in less than a minute she regained the ability to fully open and close both her hands,’ Eric says. ‘And she was so excited. From not believing it would do anything, she was hugging me, saying: ‘Look, I can button my shirt! Look, I’ll be able to knit again.’ She just came to life.’
The producers then took the woman to a cynical doctor, who told her the healing was impossible. She just showed him her hands and squealed again: ‘Look, I can button my shirt for the first time in years!’ The medical professional became more and more frustrated in the face of her excitement and obvious results. It ended with him scowling that she was ‘lucky’.
‘A lot of medical practitioners will come on TV and say that it works, because they’ve seen it. And then others will say it can’t – that it must be spontaneous remission. And they’re right in a sense,’ Eric says. ‘It is spontaneous remission – but look how wonderful spontaneous remission is. Look how frequently spontaneous remission occurs, not just when I’m working on someone, but when any of the practitioners who are trained in doing Reconnective Healing work do it. It happens so frequently, that’s why there’s all the interest. If this wasn’t real it wouldn’t be so intensely researched by so many hospitals and universities. They wouldn’t be investing so much time and money to understand something they didn’t know existed.’
After 10 years of seeing people cured of terminal illnesses and disease, Eric says he still can’t help but live in awe of what Reconnective Healing is. He remains funny, warm, self-deprecating and very humble. And he still isn’t sure why he was chosen to bring this healing method to attention.
‘I wouldn’t have selected me,’ he laughs. ‘If I was sitting on a cloud wondering who to give this great gift for humanity to, I wouldn’t look at all the sages, all the religious sects, the people giving up their worldly goods to be spiritual – then give it to me, the guy over there in the corner who’s had one martini too many. I am not the person you’d consider worthy of this gift. I’m not the reincarnation of the buddha, I haven’t been trained for this all my life, I haven’t given up all vices or become vegetarian. But I prove that anyone can learn how to heal.
‘And I also seem to be able to present an issue that is a bit ‘out there’ with a semblance of sanity, which causes intelligent and educated people to listen. I can bridge the gap between the so-called flakey new agers and the research people, and explain to both of them what this is about.’
Now Eric spends his days travelling the world to address hospital lectures and teach Reconnective Healing to others. ‘I live on airplanes and out of suitcases, but I love it. I don’t have the time to do the sessions myself any more because my life has become about teaching and empowering others to do it. But I can help more people by teaching them to do the healings themselves. It’s like the old story, you can give a man a fish or you can teach him how to fish.’


How can you do it?
Eric teaches Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection around the world, and usually gets to Australia each year – check the website for the schedule. Reading his book The Reconnection has been found to start

the ‘activation’ process, and teaches people how to begin working with the new frequencies for healings. ‘I don’t know how this happens, but it does, it’s been measured in a lab,’ Eric says. ‘I’m not sure if it’s in my word choice, the energy of the message – but it’s probably not in the ink! The editor of the book had trouble working on it, because her fingers started to buzz every time she picked it up! You won’t become a professional practitioner, but you will be able to start facilitating healings.’

Visit the Reconnection website here.