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Sacred Journey (CD)


Sacred Journey: A Meditation To Connect You To the Magic of the Earth (CD).

Product Description

Sacred Journey: A Meditation to Connect You to the Magic of the Earth is a CD of seven guided meditations set over beautiful music. Each runs for around seven minutes, and can be done on its own, or all together as a fifty-minute meditation journey. Attune yourself with the sacred elements and energies of the earth to soothe your soul, uplift your spirit and heal your heart.

“A gem to treasure. Serene is a gentle, loving, wise teacher of wisdoms we can all benefit from. This takes us on a sacred journey into the earthly and heavenly elements and realms, and into history, spirituality and self-love too.”
Lucy Cavendish, creator of As Above, So Below CD

Additional Information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 15 x 14 x 1 cm


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