Into the Light

  • Into the Light

Into the Light


Book three of the Into the Mists Trilogy.

A friendship torn apart. A love lost forever…
A curse to break. A mystery to solve. A heart to heal.

Product Description

Book three of the Into the Mists Trilogy.

In the final book of the gripping Into the Mists Trilogy, the wheel of the year turns from the bleakness of midwinter to the new hope of spring. Can Carlie break a decades-long curse and save the person she’s closest to? Will she unlock the mystery of the sad woman she meets late one night? Which of the shadowy Otherworldly beings can she trust? Who is the man with the raven tattoo? And how far is she willing to go to forgive and be forgiven?

For a chance at happiness, she must challenge the wise priestess and embrace her darkest fears. But is she already fated to echo the lonely life of her grandmother, or can she find the courage to open her heart again?

“I’m absolutely blown away by this series. It is beautiful from start to finish – magical, realistic, gentle, harsh, sad, joyful… I’ve been on a total rollercoaster ride, and am now feeling so bereft at the thought that these wonderful people (not just characters, but real people) will no longer be part of my life. What the author has created with these books is just beautiful.”
Kylie Matthews, book reviewer

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Weight 485 g
Dimensions 20 x 13 x 3 cm


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