The Book of Faery Magic

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The Book of Faery Magic


Journey to the enchanted realms of the fae, and discover the healing powers of myth, magic and mischief…

Product Description

FaeryThe Book of Faery Magic (with Lucy Cavendish) is rich in tradition, history, research and lore, and is filled with whimsical interactions with the fae, grounded guidance on how to work with them, and beautiful ideas for reconnection with nature and the magical realms. Whether you believe that faeries are truth or fantasy, Faery Magic is your portal to a state of being where fun and healing energy will help you fulfil your dreams, transform your life, and improve your relationship with the earth, your self and others.

“The ultimate guide to all things faery – entertaining, informative and enthralling. Whether you believe in faeries or are just curious, there is much to learn in this book, from their history and legends, their magical gifts and nature sites, to the unique beings from around the world.”
Larissa Chapman, Good Reads

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Weight 490 g
Dimensions 24 x 16 x 2.8 cm


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