MBSIt’s been a crazy four days at the Mind Body Spirit Festival – not to mention a crazy night at the online launch I shared with Felicity Pulman – and I’m feeling a little drained. But I’m also so very grateful that I met so many lovely people, and sold so many books, and got to catch up with so many friends. Most of all I’m grateful to my sweet husband, for helping me so much – I couldn’t do it without him, from the set-up and load-out to the long days manning the stand, and the distance from a kettle 🙂

mbsIt was also so wonderful to see so many friends doing their thing – selling their books and card decks, doing seminars on topics they are so passionate about, and touching the hearts of so many people.

And it was mind blowing and humbling that so many people came over to tell me how much they loved the Into the Mists books, and how much they made them feel – tears and despair and hope and joy – and how much they wanted more stories… So it’s lucky I’m halfway through writing two Into the Mists Chronicles 🙂