As the countdown to the Story Queens online launch kicks off, I wanted to introduce my fellow Story Queens.
heather_picHeather M. Bryant s an escapist reader and writer who is currently shopping her YA fantasy to publishers, and eating far too much chocolate (haha, like that’s even a thing!)…
How do you describe your books: Dark Fantasy, apparently. I swear my books are all golden and light, but I’ve had a few reports of nightmares. Which is odd, because I’m a nice person. Really.
List your books: So far I only have my short story The Wrong Heart Song published in a charity anthology. My YA novel Illusion of A Majesty is currently being submitted to publishers. A Life in Death is ready to be (heavily) edited and what’s being called Work In Progress 3 is about halfway written.
Which one would you most like to see made into a movie: Ahh, none? Haha. Though I think the creepiness of Illusion of A Majesty could lend itself well to cinema.
Who would you like to play the lead character: I’ve always pictured my love interest as being creepily similar to Rob Mayes. Even before I saw him in anything. *inset that pic here haha* But that’s all I’ve got.
How often do you write: I try to get up at five most mornings to squeeze in an hour or two. It all depends on work and whether my son stays asleep.
Who are your favourite authors: Marissa Meyer, Richelle Mead, Paige Toon.