moonlight_freshWishing everyone so much love, joy and magic on this beautiful full moon night. May its sweet light illuminate you with inspiration and inner wisdom this month, and inspire you to work towards your dreams and goals, and may you harness the energy of the eclipse for a little extra enchantment… Bright blessings xx

The full moon rises as the sun sets, which is why it’s so obvious and clearly seen, because it sails across the sky all night, contrasting with the velvety blackness, before setting around dawn, just as the sun is rising. The three days of the full moon – the day of, the day before and the day after – can be used to boost any intention or project. It represents achievement, culmination and abundance. The world is filled with energy and potential, so it’s a great time for healing and manifestation.

Midnight is the most powerful time for magical work, as the moon is directly overhead. Stand beneath the golden orb and give thanks for what you’ve achieved so far, and breathe in the energy and power so you can harness it for self-expression and inner strength. Perform a Drawing Down the Moon ritual, bringing the energy of the moon, and the moon goddess, into your heart and soul. This is a great time to charge crystals and amulets with the moon’s energy, and cleanse your own physical and etheric bodies. Psychic abilities are also at their strongest, so practise any divination methods you are drawn to, looking within to find answers to your questions and clues to your future.

The full moon is the high tide of power in a lunar cycle, so cast spells for completion, things you want to achieve, and anything requiring an extra boost of intensity, such as healing work, job hunting or love. You can also invoke the mother goddesses Arianrhod, Isis, Selene, Diana, Lakshmi, Quan Yin, Demeter, Ishtar and Mama Quilla, who all represent the full moon, motherhood, fertility, the earth and creation.