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Celebrity psychic Georgina Walker brings comfort to the bereaved by contacting their lost loved ones and sharing their messages of healing and forgiveness.

She suffers pain as people physically impress on her how they died, is woken in the night by impatient spirits wanting to pass messages through her, and has struggled with doubt, debt and depression. But celebrity psychic, medium and New Idea columnist Georgina Walker wouldn’t swap it for the world.
‘As a psychic medium, I’m privileged to communicate with the other side, passing on messages to their earthly loved ones – it’s one of the most fulfilling aspects of my gift,’ Georgina says.
‘I can’t take away the pain, but I trust that I can ease the pain and bring some form of resolution to the mourning process. My rewards come when I make contact and see the response on my clients’ faces – relief, joy, happiness, forgiveness. I feel ignited within my spirit that I’m doing what I came here to do, which is to aid and comfort those who have suffered through loss and grief.’
Her new book Dearly Departed is part instruction manual, part reassuring read. It weaves her own spiritual journey and the lessons she has learned with anecdotes about her life, from her struggles as a single mum to doing readings for John Travolta and travelling to Asia, where she is the psychic to a royal family. There is advice on how to nurture your own psychic ability, how to help a person who is facing death, ways to say goodbye to the ones you love, how to cope with grief and what happens after we die.
articlegeorgina1The book also gives an intriguing insight into how Georgina communicates with the dead, explaining the sensations she feels and the way she receives messages, and recounts mediumship readings she’s done and the healing people receive from being able to hear from their lost loved ones.
‘The seed of the book ignited when I started doing Dearly Departed readings on Kyle and Jackie O’s radio show. There were 500 callers each time, all wanting to make contact with a deceased relative, and I saw it was healing people’s souls, not just the person having the reading, but everyone listening as well,’ she explains.
‘The book can bring understanding and healing for everyone, from the child who’s lost a pet or a grandparent, those who are angry and feel they’ve been cheated at the loss of their spouse, those looking after someone who’s dying, those who have miscarried, the many who have lost someone through murder or suicide – there’s a message of hope and support for everyone.’
Georgina, whose mother Agnes is also psychic, began exploring her gifts at the age of 10, when she accompanied her parents to spiritual development circles and was the only one who got clear messages from those who had passed. Yet she believes we all have the ability to communicate with our lost loved ones to some degree, and her book is filled with exercises and advice on how to begin to understand the messages of Spirit.
‘Everyone can, but you need to be open to communicate, open to receiving their messages. Spirit is subtle and the signs can be subtle, not earth shattering, but as we train ourselves to be observant magic starts to happen – the signs, the little coincidences appear and manifest, and like pieces of a puzzle they eventually form a picture or a message,’ she says.
Most importantly, Georgina wants to reassure people that death is not the end of life. Her book is filled with beautiful stories of people connecting with their lost loved ones and realising that they are still looking after them and guiding their path from the other side. Many are able to let go of guilt, fear or pain as they learn that their dearly departed is no longer suffering, has forgiven them any slight and still lives on in another realm.
‘Through my work, I know how important it is to heal memories and to help people understand what they missed out on when they didn’t say goodbye, or they cut ties with a loved one, thinking there would be plenty of time to heal the rift, only to find they died before they had the chance,’ Georgina says.
‘But it is only their physical body that passed away – their soul beautifully lives on. Life is eternal and revolving, and our loved ones are always with us.’

Georgina says lost loved ones want to make their presence known to you, and believes everyone can learn to tap in to the world of Spirit and communicate with their dearly departed.

BE STILL. Busyness is like deafness to the spiritual world. When you’re quiet, you’re more able to tap in to their energies, observe, learn, listen and act upon the whispers of advice they send. Learning to be calm and relaxed aids the information flow. Learning to meditate or relax assists your mind to become open to receive inspiration and clear reception from the afterlife.

LOOK AND LISTEN. Spirit is practical – they use signs, movies, songs, feelings, smells, sounds, even taste to get their messages across. Words from a song may strike a chord within your heart, a conversation with a friend may reveal the advice you’ve been praying for, the book that stands out from the rest on a shelf may hold the answer to your needs.

NOTICE DREAMS. Some dearly departed souls choose to make a final farewell, appearing to their loved ones in a visitation, then keep returning in dreams as a form of communication. Many such dreams come in the period between sleep and wakefulness. A dearly departed dream has clarity, is often seen in colour and is recalled with some ease. When you learn your own unique language of spirit through symbols, you will have no doubt or confusion as to what the dream means to you.

WRITE IT. A wonderful way to train your inspirational communication is automatic writing, which helps the channels of communication become more open. Write your question, such as: ‘Am I doing the right thing about the headstone?’ or ‘Dad, I need to know if you’re happy,’ then immediately start writing whatever comes to your mind in thoughts or feelings.

FIND THINGS. The world of Spirit is very imaginative, and will always find a way to catch your attention to deliver a message. They can manipulate air and energy, delivering objects that seem to appear out of thin air, such as flowers, gems, coins and feathers. Signs from the other side are sometimes difficult to comprehend, but are gifts to let us know we are not alone.

HONOUR THEM. Set aside a quiet time when you can concentrate and pray for them, or light a candle in their honour. Your dearly departed will hear your prayers and receive your love. Have a dedicated space for them – a table, mantelpiece or shrine – that gives your senses an instant recall of your loved one. Donate a book prize to the local school in your beloved’s name, or plant a tree to sustain the environment for future generations.

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