articledoreenHealing With the Angels

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An interview with angel therapy teacher and healer Doreen Virtue.

Dr Doreen Virtue talks to angels. She did it when she was a child, but her family and friends were scared so she stopped. Later her heavenly helpers tried to assist her when she found herself an unhappy and overweight young mother trapped in a difficult marriage with a husband who had destroyed her self esteem. She was getting messages from the angels to turn her life around – but she wasn’t ready to trust. She gorged on chocolate ice-cream to drown out their voices, which made her even more unhappy.
But in 1995, at her lowest point, a carjacker held her at gunpoint, and this time when she heard the angelic guidance she acted on it. It saved her life. Earlier that day she heard a voice in her head telling her not to drive as she would be held up by a car jacker. She ignored it. Then it happened, and she was frozen with fear, completely speechless. She heard the same voice in her head telling her to scream as loud as she could, immediately. When she did she attracted enough attention to make the would be killer run off.
Now she listens – and she’s dedicated her life to helping others hear and understand their own angels.
‘The main message the angels want to give your readers is that they are real, that every single person has guardian angels without exception, and that they want to get more involved in our lives and help us be more at peace, to bring about world peace,’ Doreen says.
‘You can ask your angels for help as often as you like – they’re very happy to help us with the little things in life just as much as with the big things. And the angels are brilliant at helping us with our family. If you’re worried about a child you can just think the thought: ‘Angels, please protect my child,’ and they will.
‘But the main point is that you have to ask your angels for help before they are allowed to intervene.’
articledoreen2When Doreen, a psychologist, allowed the angels into her life she followed their guidance to start writing books, and is now the best selling author of Angel Therapy and The Lightworkers Way.
She also travels the world to help other people learn to hear their angels. Doreen is profoundly clairvoyant and can physically see angels. She also hears their voices and can distinguish between different ones. In her new book Archangels and Ascended Masters she channels messages from different divine sources, including Archangels Michael and Raphael and Mother Mary.
She comes to Australia regularly to certify Angel Intuitives, who she teaches to access the angelic realms, do card readings, communicate with deceased loved ones and develop their psychic abilities. Some people see the angels, others hear a voice, some have a vision or flash of sight, others get an impression or feeling they know is from a higher source. At the course we partnered up, and in some exercises I would be able to answer questions for my partner that I hadn’t known the answer to before – I suddenly knew answers and things about her life and future that I wasn’t aware of before.
Some AIs start a new career as an angel oracle reader, others use their new knowledge to help their healing work, and some just use it to improve their own life and happiness.
A fascinating part of the course is that, like her many books, it draws together people of different beliefs and religions. ‘The angels are non-denominational, you don’t have to belong to any certain religion, or be a perfect person at all – the angels love us unconditionally,’ says Doreen, who grew up a Christian Scientist. ‘Some people are scared to communicate with their angels because they think it’s blasphemous, or they worry they might be talking to the devil in disguise. But the angels when they talk are always positive, life affirming, loving, and they always ask us to do things that will improve the situation. They will not suggest anything harmful or fear based,’ she explains.
‘Coming from a Christian background, my first introduction to goddess was Mother Mary, who is an amazing goddess for people of all religions to work with, and it was through doing angel readings that I met some of the other goddesses.
‘Like many people my first reaction was fear, because I had been brainwashed that paganism is the same as devil worship. I had to do a lot of research, which helped me know that paganism is actually the root of Christianity and Judaism, that it’s not devil worship at all. On the ìother sideî they don’t have religious wars, it’s just here on earth that we have them.’

Contacting angels
‘You can ask your angels for help on a crowded highway or in a boardroom meeting, but to hear them usually you’re going to have to carve out some quiet time. You can increase the ambience for working with them by being alone in nature. At work you can go into the bathroom and take a few minutes to ask heaven to help you, then notice what impressions come in,’ Doreen says.
‘A lot of people who complain about not being able to hear their angels have really noisy lives. Their stereo’s always on full blast, they’re going a million miles an hour.’
She has also designed a series of oracle cards, including Messages from Your Angels and Healing with the Fairies. ‘I call them the “no brainer way to talk to heaven”, because you can’t make a mistake. You simply shuffle them while you think of a question, pull a card, then look at the the pictures and words, and the guide book that comes with them.’
She says other ways to get in touch with your angels is to pay attention to your dreams. Keep a journal by your bed and before you fall asleep pose a question to them or request they help you with something. Write down anything you can remember when you wake up.
Another way is to think of a question or a life area you’d like help with, and write it down or think the thought, then notice any impressions you get – strong thoughts, feelings, words you might hear in your mind, or a vision you have.

Angel healing
Doreen cites more than 300 scientific studies from leading universities supporting her beliefs in people’s natural psychic abilities and the power of prayer in healing. Many of her books are centred on the amazing healings that have taken place when the angels have been asked for assistance in this area.
‘The angels can heal anything if we’re willing to hear their guidance and follow it. Invoking them for healing is very powerful – but you must let go of how the healing will occur. Because the angels are working with the divine infinite intelligent mind of God, so their creativity is unlimited, and things happen that we could never plan for.’
Doreen isn’t trying to convince everyone that angels exist – she asks only that people have an open mind and find whatever it is that makes them happy and fulfilled and leads them to live a better life. She encourages people to be of service to others and to work towards peace in their own relationships and in the world. ‘Ultimately I find as a psychotherapist that the people who talk to their angels are happier, and I think that says a lot,’ she smiles.

Visit Doreen’s Angel Therapy website here.