Seven Sacred Sites: Magical Journeys That Will Change Your Life
Series: The Sacred Series
Genres: Inspiration, Mind Body Spirit, Non-Fiction
Publisher: Blessed Bee Books
ISBN: 9780980548709
Take a journey to the most sacred places on earth, and awaken the magic of your own heart...
About the Book

Take a journey to the most sacred places on earth, and awaken the magic of your own heart…

Since ancient times, sacred sites have had a powerful effect on people. Their vibrational essence, beauty, tranquillity and history, along with the magnetic power infused in each one by centuries of pilgrims steeping it with love and energy, can heal people physically, activate them spiritually and open the soul to its divine purpose. Some are intricate man-made structures, such as the old Inka city of Machu Picchu in Peru or the pyramids of Egypt, while others are ancient paths of energy like the Camino, a pilgrimage across the north of Spain. Some are scientifically and magically placed stone circles such as Britain’s Stonehenge, while others are natural formations like the Tor, the sacred hill in Glastonbury, England; Uluru, the ancient monolith in Central Australia; and the volcanoes, mountains and oceans of Hawaii.

In Seven Sacred Sites: Magical Journeys That Will Change Your Life, discover what makes these places sacred, when to go and how to get there, the history of each site, the rituals that were performed there, their cultural and magical significance, and the way they inspire, touch and initiate growth and learning in all visitors. Just as importantly, find out how to attain the state of grace and sacredness inspired by each place without leaving home.

Follow the author as she awakens to the divine in Machu Picchu and the jungles of the Amazon, goes beyond the mists in Glastonbury, the magical Isle of Avalon, to reconnect with her own enchanted self, witnesses the masculine and feminine face of the divine in Ancient Egypt’s mystical pyramids and temples, walks the pilgrimage path of the Camino in Spain on a journey towards her inner self, experiences the pure joy of the dolphins, rainbows and goddesses in the powerful earth energies of Hawaii, feels the magic and wisdom of the ancient megaliths of Stonehenge, and finds a sense of place at Uluru, the spiritual heart of Australia.

Including postcards from authors and teachers Shirley MacLaine, Doreen Virtue, Cassandra Eason, Lucy Cavendish, Elisabeth Jensen, Colette Baron-Reid, Jude Currivan and Alberto Villoldo, this book is part spiritual adventure story, part history, part travel guide. It will send you on a journey to the most beautiful places on the planet as well as to the deepest, most sacred places within your self, and open you up to the magic of the universe, within and without.

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The Seven Sacred Sites paperback is available from Amazon, selected stores and, in its original form, with a colour photo section included, from Blessed Bee Books.

The seven individual pocket guides are available in paperback from Blessed Bee Books, and as ebooks – Glastonbury, Peru, Hawaii, Stonehenge, Egypt, The Camino and Uluru.

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“Seven Sacred Sites is by far the best travel book I’ve read this year. Serene Conneeley’s style evokes the great travel writers like Michener, who weave cultural anthropology seamlessly into an entertaining traveller’s tale. To me, that’s a recipe for pure reading pleasure. I’d recommend Seven Sacred Sites to any armchair traveller – and it is absolute gold for those interested in the spiritual traditions that continue to shape our world.”
Joanne Lock, travel editor, Spheres magazine

“Seven Sacred Sites is essential reading for all those contemplating attending or preparing for a spiritual journey… or simply trying to understand the effect these sacred power sites have on us all.”
Elisabeth Jensen, founder of Isis Mystery School

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