Sacred Journey: A Meditation To Connect You to the Magic of the Earth
Series: The Sacred Series
Genre: Mind Body Spirit
ASIN: B0069B0482
A Meditation To Connect You to the Magic of the Earth
About the Book

A Meditation To Connect You to the Magic of the Earth.

Attune yourself with the sacred elements and energies of the earth to soothe your soul, uplift your spirit and heal your heart. These seven meditations will take you on a deep inner journey, connecting you with the power of the elements – air, water, fire, earth, spirit – and balancing the masculine and feminine energies of your heart and soul to reawaken the divine spark within you. The beautiful healing music combines with the powerful words to activate new energy, wash away pain, soothe and nurture your spirit and ignite your inner fire. Let the seven tracks on Sacred Journey attune you with the breath and life force of the earth, focus the power of your mind, unleash your creativity and connect you to your intuition, creating magic and joy in every moment.

1. Air – Awakening (7:18)
2. Water – Emotional Balance (7:16)
3. Fire – Inspiration (7:25)
4. Earth – Grounding (7:08)
5. Moon – Feminine Energy (6:58)
6. Sun – Masculine Energy (7:21)
7. Stars – Spirit – Self (7:03)

“Serene Conneeley’s compassionate nature and deep knowledge shine through this wonderful CD. As I listened and moved through the elements, I felt loved, cleansed, inspired and guided by her sweet voice and clear insights. She is a gentle, loving, wise teacher of wisdoms we can all benefit from, and this CD takes us on a sacred journey not only into the earthly and heavenly elements and realms, but into history, spirituality, and self-love. Sacred Journey is a gem to treasure.”
Lucy Cavendish, author of White Magic and creator of the Oracle of Shadows & Light

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