Into the Mists
Series: Into the Mists Series, Book 1
Genres: Fiction, Magical Realism
Publisher: Blessed Bee Books
ASIN: 0994593317
ISBN: 9780994593313
Enter the swirling mists of an enchanted land, and open your heart to the mystery...
About the Book

Enter the swirling mists of an enchanted land,
and open your heart to the mystery…

Carlie has the perfect life. A wonderful family and a best friend she adores. A house by the beach so she can go surfing after school. A clever, rational mind and big dreams of becoming a lawyer. A future she’s excited about and can’t wait to begin.

But in a split second her perfect life shatters, and she is sent to the other side of the world to live with a stranger. In this mystical, mist-drenched new land, she is faced with a mystery that will make her question everything she’s ever known about her parents, her life and her very self. A dark secret that made her mother run away from home as a teenager. An old family friend who is not what he seems. A woman in blue who she’s not convinced is real. A shadowy black cat that she’d swear is reading her mind. A deserted old cottage she can’t always find. And a circle of wild-haired witches who want her to join their ranks.

Will she have the courage to journey into the mists, and into her own heart, to discover the truth? And can she somehow weave together a life that she’ll want to live – or will she give up and allow despair to sweep her away from the world forever?

Into the Mists is available from bookstores, online retailers and Blessed Bee Books.

Beautiful cover artwork by Selina Fenech.

“Cannot put this down… It’s so compelling and beautifully realised – so much magic – absolutely recommended!”
Lucy Cavendish, author of White Magic

Into the Mists is comforting, healing, inspiring, empowering and magical. I absolutely love it. It opened my heart and inspired the magic within me. It’s one of my favourite novels ever.”
Sarah Byrne, teacher

“I loved every single page… I haven’t enjoyed a book so much since I read Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier.”
Julia Burdock, healer

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