A Magical Journey: Your Diary of Inspiration, Adventure and Transformation
Series: The Sacred Series
Genres: Inspiration, Mind Body Spirit, Non-Fiction
Publisher: Blessed Bee Books
ISBN: 9780980548716
The only journey worth taking is the journey within…
About the Book

The only journey worth taking is the journey within…

Whether you’re travelling overseas or setting out on a journey within to discover your own truths, keeping a journal is a powerful way to make sense of the world, and of your own inner universe. Observing and recording your life helps you understand yourself and your motivations, identify what makes you happy, and illuminate the areas you want to focus your time and energy on. Your diary is a valuable tool of self-expression, self-discovery and self-knowledge, a sacred, secret place to unravel and reveal your inner being.

In A Magical Journey you will discover the physical, mental and spiritual health benefits of journalling, tips and exercises to express your deepest desires, and tools to release emotional blockages and unleash your authentic self. Find out how to make a wish come true using the cycles of the moon, celebrate some of the festivals that take place around the world (and plan them with the 11-year calendar included), and create magic in your life by harnessing the ancient, sacred energy of the seasonal turning points of the year.

Then, write your own life story in the pages of this journal, following in the footsteps of playwright Oscar Wilde, author Anais Nin, psychoanalyst Carl Jung and Hollywood star Cameron Diaz. Draw inspiration from your triumphs and wisdom from any tragedies, record your hopes and desires, your moments of beauty and despair, and reveal the patterns that are holding you back from achieving all that you dream of. Whether you use it as a daily diary, a travel journal, a blessings book or a manifestation guide, A Magical Journey will awaken your inner voice and unlock the power and strength within, helping you to explore and express your psyche and see the magic in every moment…

A Magical Journey is available from Amazon, selected stores and from Blessed Bee Books.

This helped me connect to self, and venture forth with boldness and compassion. I am so much more aware, and I thank the author from the depths of my heart and soul for the opportunity to grow.”
Marissa Clarkson, bereavement counsellor

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