ITM_MistsInto the Mists

Serene Conneeley is an Australian author who has captivated many readers with the first two books of her current ‘Into the Mists’ trilogy series. Work on the third and final book will commence in November and be available for release in 2015.

From inSpirit magazine.

Carlie, a vibrant teen on the cusp of womanhood and a bright future that she has mapped out for herself, loses all that she treasures in one tragic night.

She is then sent to the other side of the world to live with a relative she never knew existed and, in her mind, must be a terrible person.

cover_2014_11As a reader, you connect deeply with Carlie as she struggles through her grief and tries to come to terms with her new life, so far removed from her old one. In her new life she finds herself stepping in two worlds – the present that is filled with grief, confusion and anger, where all that she thought is not as it seems; the other world is one of ancient magic of the land, where mysteries and secrets of the past are gradually revealed, offering healing and understanding if Carlie can accept them. The mystical energies have Carlie questioning her sanity, however these energies can show her a way through her despair and a chance for family connection and love again, if she chooses.

A captivating read that is nurturing and dramatic, with magic, mystery and ritual woven beautifully throughout.